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  • Earrings- Healing Raw Stone Threader Assorted

Earrings- Healing Raw Stone Threader Assorted

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Here to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them..

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Handmade Raw stone threader earrings that just loop into your ear and can be adjusted to your liking. wear them both the same length or different.


About the Stones:

Herkimer Diamond: TheStone of Attunement thatcan powerfully amplify your spiritual energy. It can give you what your spirit needs, and it will keep the negative energies away so that you can fully enhance your spirit.

Rose Quartz: A stone of the heart. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. It speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, and circulates Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. Reawakening the heart to its own innate love, it provides a deep sense of personal fulfilment and contentment, allowing one the capacity to truly give and receive love from others

AquaMarine: Calming, soothing, cleansing, and inspires truth, trust and letting go.It also allows us to explore the darkest depths of our souls, face to face with ourselves, and with others. ** Throat Chakra

Apatite: Said to clear away confusion, apathy or negativity, then, stimulates the intellect to expand knowledge and truth, which may be used for personal growth or for the collective good. Apatite is a deeply spiritual stone with a cleansing influence on the aura, especially in the mental body. ** Throat Chakra

Garnet: Powerful energizing and regenerative stone. It balances, strengthens and protects. It is also said to balance energy. It helps you let go of old behaviour patterns and boosts self-confidence. ** Base Chakra & Heart Chakra. Birth Stone for January.

Citrine: Premier stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will. Carrying the power of the sun, it is warm and comforting, energizing and life-giving. It stimulates the chakras, clearing the mind and stirring the soul to action. Its frequency awakens creativity and imagination and sustains the process of transforming dreams and wishes into tangible form. Citrine encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new pursuits. **sacralchakra, solar plexuschakraand crownchakra. Birthstone: November.

Green Kyanite: Working primarily through the Heart Chakra, Green Kyanite can facilitate one connection with their deepest truth found only within the heart and helps one to learn how to live from this eternal truth. It is especially helpful to those searching for and/or learning to discern the truth of any matter or situation.

Amethyst: Thought of mostly as a protective stone. linked to the crown chakra, it is helpful in purifying the mind and clearing it of negative thoughts. This includes the negativity of stress and anxiety, which is why many meditate with amethyst so as to rid themselves of that darkness.

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