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What is Fair Trade?

Principles of Fair Trade


Tagua is part of a community wholesalers and retailers that make up the Fair Trade Federation (FTF). By ordering our goods from FTF members, we can be confident that the beautiful goods we sell are not only skillfully crafted, but also come from a trading partnership that lifts up the dignity of artisans and works toward a world where everyone has the opportunity to maintain a decent and dignified livelihood.


All FTF members commit themselves to support of the organization’s Nine Principles of Fair Trade in all of their transactions:

1.     Cultivate New Market Opportunities

2.     Develop Transparent and Accountable Relationships

3.     Build Capacity

4.     Promote Fair Trade

5.     Pay Promptly and Fairly

6.     Support Safe and Empowering Workings Conditions

7.     Ensure the Rights of Children

8.     Cultivate Environmental Stewardship

9.     Respect Cultural, Racial and Ethnic Identity